NOTE: There are two artworks by Christine Olivo. Click on images to enlarge.

La Perla Winery

Oil on canvas, 24″ x 18″, no frame

La Perla Winery, 1874

In 1874 the Lemme family purchased 300 acres on Spring Mountain and planted 100 acres of grapes.  Charles Lemme built a winery in 1877, naming it La Perla Winery.  Later this was known as the Draper Ranch, now part of Spring Mountain Winery holdings.  In 1883 son Rudolph Lemme leased the George Crane vineyard, where he met Crane’s granddaughter Alice McPike.  They married and moved to La Perla at Spring Mountain.  Look closely at one of the grape boxes.  “L & M” is marked on the side for “Lemme & McPike.”

Sutter Home Winery

Oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″, no frame

Sutter Home Winery, 1947

Mario and Mary Trinchero purchased and revitalized the long dormant Sutter Home Winery in 1947. The entire family was involved in the success of their fledgling business and would often work long hours. By 1951 they were both purchasing grapes and producing over fifty wines. They were considered the classic family winery, with about sixty-five percent of the wine being sold out the front door.

Christine Olivo

“Since childhood, drawing and painting have been a way that I have found to express myself. Living in the Napa Valley, I have been inspired to reinvent myself, and my painting style. I love nature, its colors and the way light plays on everything. Through the medium of oil painting, I have expanded my own color perception. I use paint strokes to enhance form. I like to paint the essence of a landscape, simplifying what I see and selecting the color and light relationships.

As I continue to study art, I find that I return most often to the Impressionists. Most of my landscape paintings are “plein air” so as to discern color relationship and capture the varying lights in nature. My paintings are not limited to landscapes. I love to “zero” in on objects and study them up close and personal. I did a series on old, rusted, cars that were falling apart. They seemed to have a story to tell and painting them on canvas, seemed to bring them back to life.

Painting is a language all itself, and it is an adventure for me, that will keep me inspired for the rest of my life.”