NOTE: There are two artworks by Greg De Lucca. Click on images to enlarge.

Sulphur Creek Oak Tree

Oil on canvas, 16″ x 20″, unframed

Sulphur Creek Oak Tree

This is a recent picture of one of the large oaks along Sulphur Creek on property that was donated to the St. Helena Cemetery Association by the Mennen Foundation.

Oakville Train Station

Oil on canvas, 24″ x 18″, unframed

Oakville Train Station, 1900

When the railroad came to Oakville in 1878, H. W. Crabb sold land to build the depot. Crabb established the To-Kalon Wine Company there in 1872, whose vineyards later became part of the Robert Mondavi Winery. In 1878 Oakville consisted of a store, blacksmith shop and a saloon. It became the shipping point for local farmers sending grain, fruit and wine to market.

Greg De Lucca

Ever had that itch to try something you’ve never done before in your retirement? I did! After 5 years of retirement filled with skiing, playing tennis and trying to make sense of the financial markets, I decided to take acrylic painting lessons in January 2005 with my wife, Sue, from Jakki Kouffman, a noted Santa Fe acrylic artist. I always felt I had a latent, but keen sense of color and graphic composition. After ten years of concentrated training with Jakki, Don Ward of Taos, NM, Robert De Leon of Santa Fe, NM and most recently, Theo Becker of the Napa Valley, I have centered my art interest to realistic landscapes using water soluble oil paints. I aspire to the breathtaking portrayals by New Mexican artists Wilson Hurley, Peter Hagen, Grant MacDonald and Irby Brown (my heroes) as well as classical impressionist Claude Monet and expressionist Georgia O’ Keeffe.

My passion for painting is driven from achieving a “humbling level” in my work of the beauty God has bestowed on the landscapes of many parts of the world. I especially enjoy painting skies, sunsets, sunrises, water, reflections on water, mountains – any landscape with drama. In my former working life I was an executive of The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia and the California wine industry where I was president of Sterling Vineyards, Chateau St. Jean and Lyeth Winery. I resided eleven years in Santa Fe after retiring and now live full time in St. Helena where Sue’s family is involved in the wine business (Retro and Dunn Vineyards) and real estate development. I am available for commissions and sale of my work at 707-967-9227 or

My work can be viewed at website,