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Giugni & Paulson

Watercolor, 8″ x 10″, plus included frame

Giugni & Paulson

William Giugni and Ed Paulson are sitting in front of the barber shop on Main Street around 1980, which is still in operation today.

W. J. Giugni (1890-1984)

William Giugni grew up in St. Helena.  He married Clara Clark.  On March 11, 1911 the couple opened W. J. Giugni Grocery.  After his death his family continued to operate the grocery.  Later Bill and Kathy Giugni opened Giugni’s Deli, where the best sandwiches in town are still sold.  Looking at William’s sign, his name is misspelled.  Rumor has it the sign maker charged extra to fix it, so William left it as is.

Ed Paulson (1885-1983)

Edwin attended St. Helena schools and became interested in the printing business.  He learned to be a newspaper linotype operator and pressman.  Ed worked for the St. Helena Star for over 50 years.  In 1921 Ed became the official St. Helena weatherman.  He took measurements twice a day for over 50 years.

Marlene Gallwitz

I am relatively new to art, although most of my life I have wished I could paint.  When I retired I took classes at the Upper Valley Campus of Napa Valley College and at the Calistoga Art Center. Watercolor is my medium because I like the softness and flow of the paint. I don’t think I could have chosen a more satisfying hobby.