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Cleaners and Dyers

Oil on wood, 24″ x 12″, plus included frame

Cleaners and Dyers, circa 1880

Isreal Warren sits at the side of a business so new that they worked out of a tent. The photo was taken by H. H. Blakesly of the Elite Studio in St. Helena. Isreal Warren went to the Gold Rush in 1849 and came to St. Helena in 1859 at the age of 31 (5 years after the founding of the town). He was a carpenter and cabinetmaker. Daughter Ida married John Steves of hardware fame. This photo was probably taken around 1880.

133 For One Moment

Oil on canvas, 30″ x 20″, unframed

Sheila Ticen

Sheila Ticen was born in 1960 in New Mexico but soon moved with her family to California, and eventually to Saint Helena. She spent her middle-school years in the breath-taking beauty of Monument Valley, Utah where she spent many hours hiking the red sandstone mesas.  Her first two years of high school were also spent in the redrock country of Utah. Sheila lived in remote locations for those five years in Utah, places where there was no television, very little radio and only occasional access to modern shopping centers. During this time Sheila developed a love of reading and came to appreciate being still and just watching the light move over the landscape.

Sheila’s family returned to the Napa Valley in the mid 1970’s and she has been a Napa Valley resident for all of her adult life. Being surrounded by natural beauty for most of her life has encouraged in Sheila a thoughtful contemplation of her surroundings.

Sheila began painting in high school and has remained active in making art since then, often taking evening classes. In 2002 Sheila returned to school full time and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting at Sonoma State University in 2006. Since completing her BFA, Sheila has divided her time between family and work, helping out with her young granddaughter and participating in local, regional and national juried art exhibits.