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Collage of Napa Valley Characters

Center: “Jinks”, Wesley Jennings was known in St. Helena as the man about town who could fix just about anything.

Top Left: Josephine Marlin Tychson (1855- 1939): In 1881, Josephine Tychson became the first female grower, vintner and winery owner in California. By the 1890’s, Tychson had 65 planted acres in St. Helena which eventually became Freemark Abbey.

Top Right: Charles Krug (1825-1892) was among the pioneers of wine making in Napa Valley, California, and was the founder of the Charles Krug Winery.

Top Center: Maria Ignacio Soberness was the niece of General Marianao Vallejo. Part of her dowery to Dr. Edward Turner Bale in 1839 included a land grant of 17,000-plus acres in the Napa Valley, upon which they built the, still in existence, Bale Mill.

Bottom Left top: Ah Hing. Beginning in 1884 he was cook and general manager for the Lyman household of St.Helena for over 30 years. Ah Hing was one of the thousands of Chinese who contributed to the history of Napa Valley.

Bottom Left: Margrit Biever Mondavi ( 1925-2016) was Vice President of Cultural Affairs at the Mondavi Winery, cofounder of COPIA, arts philanthropist, and member of the Napa County Arts and Culture Commission. Under her direction the winery developed original cultural and culinary arts programs which in-turn brought worldwide attention to the arts in Napa Valley.

Bottom Right: Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson (1850 – 1894) was a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist, and travel writer. His most famous works include Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, A children’s Garden of Verses and, of course, Silverado Squatters, which he began while residing in Calistoga in 1880.

Right: Unknown photographer

Photograph on metal, 40″ x 31″, plus included frame

Wesley Jennings at Sharpening Wheel

Wesley “Jinks” Jennings lived in St. Helena all is life except for his military service in World War I. He was a talented musician and expert tinkerer who could fix anything. He was also an electrician who helped install the iconic “electrolier” streetlights in 1914. Here a young Wesley sits at his grinding wheel where he sharpened tools and more.

Yvonne Henry

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Yvonne Henry is an award-winning artist. She was vice chair of the Napa County
Arts and Culture Commission, and was one of the founders of the Calistoga Art
Center. In addition she is a contributing writer and photographer to the Calistoga Tribune and a lover of Haiku.