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Home-Made School Bus 3717

(Work in progress)

Acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 48″, unframed

Home-Made School Bus 3717

Philo Grant was Mr. Transportation in St. Helena for decades. He ran the auto repair, bicycle, ambulance, school bus and hearse business.

The school buses were hand built by him on a truck chassis. Not only did he build the buses, but he drove them too. Philo Grant died in 1947.

Geoff Ellsworth

Geoff grew up in St. Helena and has spent many years as a freelance artist, songwriter and performer, traveling the United States, primarily out of St. Helena and Los Angeles.

His subject matter ranges from ballerinas, baseball players and tractors to larger themes which are the explorations of Lewis and Clark and “Great Barristers of the British Realm”.

Geoff is active in the St. Helena community, water issues and is a current member of the St. Helena City Council.