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Anderson Gas Station

Oil on canvas, 30″ x 24″, unframed

Anderson Gas Station

In 1919 Oscar and Martin Anderson opened the St. Helena Tire & Vulcanizing Works on Main Street between Hunt and Spring. In 1921 they moved the gas station and auto repair to the corner of Pope Street and Main Street, formerly the site of a blacksmith shop. They operated thus until 1945 when their business morphed into an appliance store.

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Night Sky

Oil on canvas, 45″ x 15″, unframed

Molly Corbett Kruse

BFA –  Rhode Island School of Design

My approach is to be as spontaneous and intuitive as possible when initially laying down the paint.  Then I let the painting guide me to the next step, refining the work as I go.  There are times when I can work for hours at a time on a painting, and other times when I put down one stroke and then study the work for days before continuing.  For this reason, I work on several paintings at the same time.

A joyful aspect of the creative process, for me, is mixing colors.  I love to explore color vibrations. Colors come alive by their juxtapostion of one next to another. I explore unlikely color combinations to see if I can find exciting results.

I find nature serves as a perfect model for design, color theory, texture, and composition.  I remember the colors of moss on a tree trunk, the wisps of clouds in the sky, or the pattern of sand on the beach. I take these moments back to my studio for inspiration.

Travel to rich environments and cultures also influences my work. My work reflects a collection of remembered experiences, both of my outer and inner worlds.  In the midst of image making, I feel that I am in the flow of a force greater then myself.

Art in the Collection of:

  • Northwestern Mutual, San Francisco, Ca.
  • Baker & McKenzie, San Francisco, Ca.
  • Boison Restaurant, Las Vegas, Nv.
  • Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek & Fresno, Ca.
  • Bekke Design, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Atwood Ranch & Winery, Glen Ellen, Ca.
  • Margrit Mondavi, Rutherford, Ca.
  • Rutherford Ranch Winery, St. Helena, Ca.


My love for creating and working with my hands began as a child. Most often I was writing and illustrating books, painting my furniture, sewing, or drawing and painting.

As the youngest of four, and being too young to attend school, I painted with my artist mother.  We learned to paint with sumi ink by following our Japanese teacher every afternoon on T.V.  And, Mom would take me to her painting class and set me up with a still life and oils, with little instruction, expect to “be sure to paint the negative space”.  At a friend’s home, I remember the kids painting a floral arrangement with pastels, while the mothers went off to gab elsewhere.  In high school I dabbled in jewelry making, weaving and sculpture.

After graduation from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Textiles, I started a successful hand-painted fabric company in San Francisco, with showroom representation nation-wide.  The fabrics were used for interiors, drapes, furniture, and walls.

In 1989, after moving to the Napa Valley with my husband, I switched the focus of my work.  We built a light filled studio looking out over the vineyards below and I began painting on canvas.  This had been a long-held dream.

My work has changed over the years, starting with landscapes and animals, and progressing to more abstracted works.  Each new series is informed by the work which proceeded it.  To this day, one of my greatest joys is to step in my studio and play with images, color and paints.