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Title of Art

Oil on canvas, 00″ x 00″, plus included frame

Title, 1000

Description of the historical photo that inspired the artwork above.

Priscilla Upton

Photography has always been a love of mine. Over the years I was the designated family photographer and played with the medium, although not very seriously. In 1997, however, I made a decision to learn more about the craft and art of photography.

I was lucky enough to connect with the Photography Department of the Napa Valley College, where under the guidance of Ron Rogers, Chuck Stefanetti and Ron Zak, I began to develop my interest into a passion for the intimate eye of photography. During this time, as well, I, with three other Napa Valley College photography students, Sharyn Danielson, Len Powers and Joan Steinthal, became a founding member of the Napa Valley Photographic Society, now about to celebrate it’s 18h anniversary.

Over the years, my work in photography has taken a number of turns. One, landscape photography allows me in a quiet, reflective, and passionate way, to be part of a greater picture and to enjoy and share what I see with a greater depth.

Another area of interest for me is travel photography. Traveling is something that I love, that captures my imagination, and allows me a chance to divert into different cultures. It is a time of seeing things for the first time, and my camera becomes my recorder of intense, special images on the fly. For me it is an exciting, exhilarating way of being in the moment, and allows me to enter into a secret world I then can share with others.

I am also a portrait photographer, and specialize in portraits of children and families. This area of photography, is for me, an ultimate art of intimacy. I am invited to be, for a moment, part of the life of those whom I photograph. It is an incredible place of privilege and trust.

Although these seem like very different aspects of photography, what connects them all for me are images that reflect a sense of place, light and design. Whether in small detail, or broad sweep, a direct glance or a discrete moment, each image comes through my lens to communicate with others.